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Proloan--The Best Financing
on the Best New Homes
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Two key elements of a satisfying new home purchase are high-quality workmanship and home loan terms that best suit your specific needs. 
What is Proloan?

Proloan is a financing program that provides extended protection against rising interest rates, exclusively to buyers of new homes built by skilled union labor. Union training and experience are your assurance of enjoying a "tightly built" home for years to come.

Sales of pre-existing homes far outnumber sales of newly built homes. So most loans are not designed to best serve the needs of new construction home buyers. Proloan offers buyers specific loan features designed for new home buyers.

Proloan provides:

  • The financing commitment you need to protect against rising interest rates.
  • Guarantees that your interest rate won't go up while construction is underway.
  • Gives buyers the benefit of a decline in interest rates. We call this the Proloan "float down" advantage. If rates go down during construction of your new home, Proloan buyers have the option to move down to the lower rate at no charge. (see authorized Proloan lenders for details)

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